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Having learned to overcome; let MARY Jeanette CLEMENT, Ph.D., JD/MSW be your PERFORMANCE COACH. She will provide you with free information and services to promote wellness–not just freedom from symphtoms. She doesn’t look or feel or age but that is only because she has been studying stress reduction since the 1970″²s when she completed a Ph.D. in Sociology on “Occupational Stress of Law Officers and Marital and Familial Relationships.” She continued her research while teaching at Wichita State University in Wichita, Kansas and Viriginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia.
Today, she uses cutting-edge techniques or technology and those fees vary:
Eductor formerly the EPFX (Electro Physiological Feedback Xrroid) that was a newer version of theQXCI and SCIO to be a state of the art, multi-medica Quantum Biofeedback system for stress detection and reduction
QXCI (Quantum Xrroid Consciousness Interface) holistic biofeedback
SCIO (Scientific Consciousness Interface Operation)
Thought Field Therapy (TFT-Algo Tapping) based on time-honored principles of both clinical psychology and Chinese Medicine (drug free)
Bio-disk from Hyperphysics Research, L.L.C.
The Results System and other emotional stress reduction techniques.
Certified as a Human Behavior Consultant, Mary uses Dr. Robert A. Rohm’s Personality Insights – D-I-S-C System. Financial Peace University and talk show host, Dave Ramsey uses this personality test to match new employees with leaders and teams. Beside work related information, you can gain insight into family members, spouse and children.
Make an appointment – in person or over the phone – for your personal session with Mary Jeanette Clement. She provides excellent service at a reasonable and affordable rate and will work with you on a payment plan if necessary.

Mary is trained as a social worker and a research scientist. Her own divorces, addictions and learning disabilities (while rearing a hyperactive child as a single parent) has given Mary life experiences that she uses to augment what professionals have taught her. She looks forward to sharing her expertise and insight with you.

Children have emotions and need help in processing them as well as adults. Listen to this personal experience when using Mary Jeanette Clement to work with children and then the information was used in court with her beingan expert witness. www.maryjeanetteclementlaw.com