A woman with grey hair wearing a necklace.Mary Jeanette Clement has written the beginning book on self educationSoul Soaring, New Techniques for Diagnosing and Overcoming What Separates You From Harmony Within. It describes a process of personal, self education. Find the feeling, experience it and then finish it so as to remove the blockage. As a mid-wife, she eases the pain so that you can achieve that which has been absent in your life.

Many of us have been influenced by our parents, friends, family, media, church, society and others. Messages to us become our self-talk that triggers emotions so that our inner world out pictures in our present day-to-day activities. From these experiences, you can be taught now to identify the root belief and decide to nurture it or pull it out and replace it with some thought that is wanted.
Information in the book Soul Soaring will help you understand that events are neutral in that the events do not really cause us to feel a certain feeling. We give an event a meaning by our own interpretation of the event and from that interpretation come our feelings. The goal is to retrieve information to identify stressful events gained during a specific age wherein we developed a belief or affirmation about ourselves or others that became this interpretation. Mary JeanetteClement, a Behavioral Therapist, wrote Soul Soaring on both the process and the changes in people’s lives using the power of an integrated brain to trace and change old belief systems into new ones. This method has been helpful with some women in a prison as well as some college basketball players that are now world-class athletes, some business executives and self-actualized devotees of the upward path. Read their stories and identify some of the self-talk as belief systems that may be hindering your success as well.

“Soul Soaring” (not the name of the technique but the name of the experience one has after a session) uses a method of tracing and changing patterns techniques that unlock the emotions that are holding the person from experiencing his/her true nature of peace, love and joy. The book Soul Soaring describes a right-brain approach that stimulates and integrates right and left brain hemispheres of the brain. This results in deeper access to a wound or trauma and quicker clearing of that pain. It accesses the brain’s processing and retrieve information to identify the stressful events and the beliefs that you accepted. Beliefs gained during a specific age or time have been hidden in the subconscious can now be brought to the conscious mind. Unwanted beliefs are identified and erased by emotional replacement techniques that match your unique learning style.


Left brain dominate persons have always done well with cognitive conscious choice like Ellis’ Rational-Emotional Therapy or other psycho therapies.However, right-brain dominant persons need more than words; they need visualizations and sometimes an emotional experience to make the change. Sometimes, regardless of brain dominance, we need to learn to relax and calm down to process the information. The end result is that the heart and the head are connected for change as documented by the Heart Math research.
Beliefs are powerful. Hidden in the subconscious, away for the power of affirmative affirmations, they act like a magnet and attract similar situations to reinforce the belief. When such negative assessments as “I am unlovable” from earlier experiences are brought to the conscious mind, we can determine how much one believes that statement. Can you hold strong to a muscle test on a positive statement such as “I am wanted. I am loved and appreciated.”

One of the reasons that this technique works so well is that it is customized to the uniqueness of the individual’s learning styles and to the stored beliefs. Many of the traditional psychotherapies used logic side of the brain (left-brain hemisphere) and conscious choice to help people change their behavior. Now with extensive brain research we know that there is much more to the brain. Men are not really from Mars nor are women from Venus. It may be that many men are more prone to be dominant in the left-brain hemisphere (logic, sequence, detail, order) while women are more right-brain oriented (feeling, see the whole).

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