Want a better relationship with your spouse?
(You know where she seduces you and tears off your clothes)

Want better relationships with your children?

Want to know what makes your boss tick?

If you want to have Happiness after Heartache (Divorce or Death), Mary uses a 3-step coaching process wherein you help clarify the result you want, she removes the blockages, and you leave from being on the phone or in person, 1-on-1 coaching session, feeling renewed and inspired. See the blog on Energy Fields That Heal as part of this website for more of the tools that I use to uncover and sweetly, gently remove blockages and give you newer beliefs to support your attraction to better, higher outcomes. I also have the 72-hour promise wherein within 72 hours something magical happens to help you be reassured all is working for your best.

For example, one woman took on the new belief system that she was loved and appreciated. Within 72 hours, her adult son and his wife who lived in California, called and invited her to come and visit them and sent her a paid plane ticket. She felt loved and appreciated. You can too.

Mary Jeanette Clement also uses paper and pencil testing devices that help people understand each other.

Mary Jeanette Clement will show you how the Personality Insights with the model of personality called the D-I-S-C  will help you identify people’s styles so that you can more effectively get what you want done thru him or her.

Using the materials of Robert A. Rohm, Ph.D., Personality Insights with the DISC model of personality, we empower people to improve effortlessly. We take the puzzle out of working with other people by first helping you to understand your personality style. Then you can connect with others and your own innate infinite intelligence.

Companies worked with include American company’s overseas, small American companies stateside, and foreign companies and agencies. Call to learn more about how these services can be adapted to your company, agency, non-profit and profit boards. Let us meet your needs and budget! Call 615-559-5272 for your appointment today.


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